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Oil/Gas Solutions

Oil/Gas Solutions

Flow Control Valve

Micro Flow Valves
The valve is based on our experience of more than 30 years and significant achievements in development and manufacturing of control valves. It is specifically designed for low flow applications, and operated between 10-110 bar (class 150, 300 and 600). It offers very high precision and excellent regulation qualities in many different fields of application.
It is also recommended for use with extreme temperatures (-196 C-+430 C). the valve is widely used in gas and petrochemical industries, for many industrial equipments, food industries, and also in cryogenic processes such as liquid air separation plants as well as cryogenic and high-pressure gas purification facilities.
 Stainless Steel Valves


High Pressure Needle Valves Up To DN420

These valves are basically designed for operation at pressures up to 400 bar. On special order we manufacture valves with operating pressure ratings up to 700 bar. The standard valves are available with any of three process connection types: male threaded (MT), female threaded (FT) or welded (WE). Standard operating temperatures range from -40 C to 400 C, and down to -196 C with extended stems. For temperatures above 100 C the reduction of the allowable stress depending on the pressure-temperature rating has to be considered.

 Global valves

Carbon steel and stainless, steel streamlined flow valves outside screw, PN 40

 Ball valve

Ball valves are the best method of shutting off gas supplies.They stay permanently leak tight without maintenance for many years.
WITT ball valves are designed in accordance with the DIN standards.Ball valves for oxygen for working pressures up to 40 bar (580.1 psi) are burn-out safe. They have been tested and approved for this purpose by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Germany(BAM).

 Pneumatic valve : Type 6518

3/2-way Solenoid Valve for pneumatics, servo-assisted, 32 mm wide, DN 8, flow rate 1300 l/min. Deliverable in standard, EExm and EExi.

 Diaphragm valve : Type 2033 - Tank bottom valve

Tank Bottom Valve, Pneumatically Operated, Stainless Steel Body, DN 8-100
Bellow Valve : Type 2080

2/2-way valve, pneumatically actuated, stainless steel body, PTFE bellows for fluid separation.

 Direct acting solenoid valve for gases : Type 0285

2/2-Way Direct Acting Solenoid Valve for Gases, DVGW-Approved.


Visual and Tank Level Indicator

Wide Application Range
Operating pressures can be from vacuum to 500bar. Float chambers are available with design pressures up to 630bar. Liquid densities as low as 0.3g/cm3 (SG 0.3) and an operational temperature range from 77 K to 673 K (-196 to 400 C) allow use with cryogenic liquids as well as steam boilers or water hydraulics. Hermetically sealed, non-pressurized floats for condensing media are available up to 320 bar operating pressure.

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